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Managing the three races of the Brighton Marathon Weekend could be daunting. But Tom Naylor and his team saw the value of running their event on a single integrated suite of solutions. Find out what made this year’s Marathon Weekend a success beyond any other.

From the Organizers
“We work with over 300 charity partners, working with ACTIVE Network and ACTIVEWorks Endurance has really made it possible to work more closely with the charities. It's a one stop shop.”
Laura Miller, Commercial Partnership Manager
"ACTIVE provides an incredibly seamless integration of services. It allows us then to concentrate on one partner rather than having to work with multiple partners to acheive the elements that we need to acheive with a successful event." 
Tom Naylor, Managing Director
Run with ACTIVE
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We took the idea of Race Management and ran with it. 

How Brighton Marathon Made the Connection

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Family of Solutions

A  comprehensive, end-to-end event management system for race directors, timers, and participants.




With over 20,000 registrants, mobile-first registration forms drove high conversions on all devices. Integration with JustGiving and partnerships with over 300 charities inspired participants to create fundraising pages during registration.  In addition to their high registration, the team had a record 1,401 volunteers register using ACTIVE's mobile-first volunteer management module. ACTIVEWorks Endurance provided the one-step simple solution to manage their data through the entire participant journey.







Over 150,000 fans lined up to support the athletes. With over 96% of runners tracked by friends or family, Brighton pushed the envelope of spectator engagement. The app worked perfectly receiving  45,976 downloads and consistent usage throught the event weekend.




Months of hard work build up to this day. Leveraging ACTIVE solutions, Brighton Marathon was able to keep registration open until minutes before the race started. WIth ACTIVE Onsite,   Brighton assigned the 10,700 packs to participants as they checked-in, saving money and time. 








With geographic heatmaps Brighton was able to target regional running clubs and charities to drive additional registraion. They quickly viewed the success of regional marketing campaigns and partners, in 1 powerful tool.



Brighton chose IPICO timing for it's gold-standard accuracy and reliability with 26 Super Elite and Elite Readers remotely connected to ACTIVE Timing using 3G and OpenVN.

As the 2nd largest marathon in the UK, behind the world-renown London Marathon, the organizers of the Brighton Marathon Weekend are laser-focused on innovation and enhancing the event experience. In the past, the organizers of Brighton Marathon Weekend had to successfully convince multiple partners to align their long-term priorities with the event and the other partners. 

Race Management
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