Discover – Get SEO Savvy With 5 Quick Tips
Our first topic helps you get potential participants in the door. Pick up some DIY tips to get your event website noticed!



Engage – Create Your Value Wedge
Have you considered who your audience is and what matters to them? Learn how to identify and communicate your value to potential participants.


Prepare – Spark Anticipation With Social Media
Building excitement leading up to your event is critical – and social media is the perfect tool to use.



Experience – Elevate Your Email Marketing Expertise
Email is still the preferred communication method among endurance event customers worldwide. Ultimately, you’ll leave with a toolkit that will lead to better engagement and action on your emails.



Reflect – Seek Solutions with Surveys
Customer feedback and data are critical to improve your event year after year. We’ll teach you the best way to capture what your customers really care about, at the right time, to ensure that your event remains in top form.



Launch The Lifecycle - Build Your Marketing Plan
In this final session of the Marketing for Events webinar series, our Digital Marketing team will teach you the basics of building a holistic marketing plan.

Oct. 13th - 1:00pm (GMT+10 / Sydney Time)


Become a better event marketer through a series of free 15-minute webinars.

Whether you’re looking to grow your events, increase revenue from existing participants, or simply get insight into how to market your event better – this webinar series is for you.


The Marketing for Events webinar series is specifically tailored to those of you who are working on a tight budget or with a small team.

We’ve built this series based on top marketing questions and trends gathered from ACTIVE’s 17 years of endurance event experience. Led by our industry-leading, global Digital Marketing Consultants, you’ll get tips from the same team that helps ACTIVE customers grow their events every day.


Register for any or all of these sessions and boost your marketing know-how.

Change the way you market your events.

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Marketing Success Stories

“The changes and advice that were provided were incredibly helpful in allowing us to measure what we were doing, which has enabled us to proceed with a more targeted strategy moving forward. We have genuinely seen an increase in registrations since the digital marketing consultant’s intervention and implementation of a number of minor (and some larger) changes.”

Jack Tucker
Mega Adventure Events


“When our Digital Marketing Consultant approached us with Facebook-specific actions and goals, we were thrilled! She knew all the new features and updates, which helped us heavily with Facebook and also with ways to get the word out. It was helpful to have our Digital Marketing Consultant know what was the “new” thing to use and focus on”